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Information for Clinicians
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2017 Frontiers in Headache Research Scholarship Recipients 
2017 IHS Fellowship Award
2017 Review Year of Growth Discovery
2018 Emerging Leaders Program
2018 Scottsdale Headache Symposium Review
2019 IHS Fellowship Award
2019 International Headache Academy Recap
2020 IHS Fellowship Award
2021 AHS Clinical Fellowship Award
2nd Annual Migraine Moment Film Contest Grand Prize Winner
2nd Annual Migraine Moment Short Film Contest Winner
2nd Annual Migraine Moment Short Film Contest
60 Years of Scientific Meetings
60th Annual Scientific Meeting Spotlight
7th Annual Migraine Moment
Narrative Review of the Importance of Pharmacokinetics
ACEP Guidelines in ER
Acupuncture Migraine Treatment
Acute and Chronic Management of Posttraumatic Headaches in Children
Acute Treatment for Migraines
Acute Treatment for Migraines in Children
Advanced Practice Providers SIS Profile
Adverse Pregnancy Risks Linked to Migraines in Women
Advice Parents Can Spot Children’s Emerging Migraines
Advocacy in Action: AHS Proposes Changes to Coverage for Home Use of Oxygen for Cluster Headache Attacks
Advocacy in Action: AHS Urges to Rescind MFN
Advocacy in Action: Investing in Graduate Medical Education
Advocating for Patients with Migraines
AHS and AMF Commitment on the Impact of Recent National Events
AHS and AMF Statement on Oxygen Therapy
AHS Launched First Ever Resident Education Program
AHS Launches Position Statement Integrating New Migraine Treatments into Clinical Practice
AHS Members Who Move Against Migraines
All About the American Headache Society’s Emerging Leaders Program
Allodynia Migraine Treatment Q&A with Dr. Richard Lipton
Amaal Starling Member Spotlight
American Headache Society and American Migraine Foundation Announce First Annual Migraine Moment Film Competition
American Headache Society Wants Patients and Physicians to Know About New FDA Warning on Nsaids
American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up April 2018
American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up November 2018
American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up September
American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up February
American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up December 2018
Annika Ehrlich: Nurse Practitioner
Announcing a New Educational Program by the American Headache Society
Annual Meeting Recap
April Society Spotlight
April Society Spotlight 2022
Are You More Likely to Develop Hypothyroidism If You Have a History of Headaches
ARMR Furthering Research
Assistant Editor Opportunity with the Headache Journal
Atogepant Receives FDA Approval for the Preventative Treatment of Episodic Migraine in Adults
August 2022 Society Spotlight
August Society Spotlight
Barriers Behavioral Therapy Headache Management
Become a Leader in Headache Medicine with Special Interest Sections
Brad Klein
Burden of Migraine Cameo
CGRP Blocking Antibodies Q&A with Dr. David Dodick
Child Abuse Migraine
Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions and Chronic Migraines
Classifying Postpartum Headaches
Clinical Data Presented at American Headache Society Meeting Shows Promise of New Treatments for Migraine Prevention
Clinical Pearls on Migraine Prevention
Clinical Research Training Scholarship Headache
Clinical Studies Show Impact of Migraines Across Various Stages of Women’s Lives
Clinical Trial Networks Supporting Headache and Migraine Research
Cluster Headache Interictal Symptoms
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Migraines Q&A
Coming Up: 2018 Scottsdale Headache Symposium
Complementary and Integrative Medicine in the Management of Headaches
Concussion in Deployed Settings
Concussions, Migraines, and Post Traumatic Headaches
Cost Effectiveness Erenumab Preventative Treatment Episodic Chronic Migraines
CSF SIS Feature
Deborah Tepper: Member Spotlight
December Society Spotlight
Despite Risks Use of Opioids to Treat Migraine in Children is Common Across the US
Diet Migraine Q&A with Dr. Vincent Martin
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate Nasal Spray Receives FDA Approval for the Acute Treatment of Migraines in Adults
Disabling Migraines
Do Headache Clinic Patients Require More Care Outside Office Visits
Effect of Caffeine Cessation on Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Migraine Patients
Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pediatric Migraines
Eptinezumab Vyepti Approved by FDA
Erenumab: Safe and Efficient Prophylactic Episodic Migraine
Evaluating the Safety of Galcanezumab: A CGRP Treatment
Examining the New Daily Persistent Headache
Familial Sporadic Migraine Study
Fatigue Mood Changes May Predict Onset Pediatric Migraine
FDA Approves Lasmiditan
FDA Sees Stronger Link Between Popular Pain Meds and Heart Attack or Stroke
February Society Spotlight
February 2022 Society Spotlight
Fremanezumab Autoinjector Approved
From the Journal: Symptoms Autonomic Dysfunction Persistent Post Traumatic Headache
From the Journal: Treating Chronic Headache Adolescents Group Education
From the Journal: Associations Between Depression, Anxiety, and Headache Frequency in Migraineurs: A Cross Sectional Study
From the Journal: Direct and Indirect Costs of Migraines
From the Journal: New Research on Forecasting Migraine Attacks Has the Headache Community Talking
From the Journal: Pediatric Headache and Sleep Disturbance: A Comparison of Diagnostic Groups
From the Journal: Predicting Onabotulinumtoxina Treatment Outcomes
From the Journal: Search Engines Investigate Shared Migraine Experiences
From the Journal: Understanding Injections and Migraine
Future Neuromodulation
Future of Headache Medicine
Gender Inequality in Headache Medicine
Genetics of Migraines
Get to Know the American Headache Society: NPPA Special Intertest Section
Global Leaders in Migraine Research to Convene at the American Headache Society’s 61st Annual Scientific Meeting
Guidelines in Neuroimaging for Migraines
Headaches 101 with Dr. Andrew Hershey
Headache Clinic Workflows for Covid-19
Headache on the Hill
Headache Physicians Career Choices
Headache Quality Measurements
Headache Rotation Residents
Headache Specialists vs. Non-Headache Specialists
Headache Virtual Visit Toolbox
Healthcare Provider Wellness for Covid-19
High School Start Times
Holistic Migraine Therapies Integrative Treatment
Home Use of Oxygen for Cluster Headaches
Honoring Pioneers of Headache Medicine
Hope, Equity, Justice, and Action
How Common is Migraines in College Athletes
How Doctors Determine Acute Migraine Treatment Plans
How the Headache Journal Evaluates Manuscript Submissions
How Physicians Advocate
How to Participate in Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
How to Recommend a Neuromodulation Device to Your Patient
Hypersensitivity in Migraines
IHS Allied Specialties Scholarship
IHS Clinical Basic Science Headache Research Fellowship Award
Impact of Migraines in the Workplace
Implementing Telehealth
Importance of Headache Education in Medical Training with Noah Rosen, MD
Improving Relationships Between Neurologists and Patients with Migraines
In Their Words: AHS Member Jelena Pavlovic, MD, PHD Shares Migraine Story
Incorporating Nutraceuticals for Migraine Prevention
Indirect Costs of Parenting with Migraines
Individual Mapping of Migraine Triggers Protectors May Give Personal Relief to Patients
Infant Colic and Maternal Migraines
Introducing Migraine Center of Excellence
Is it My Allergies
Is Medication Overuse and Headaches Over-diagnosed and Treated Appropriately
January Society Spotlight
January 2022 Society Spotlight
Journal Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension
Journal Distinguishing Characteristics Headaches and Non Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Journal Examining Whether Oral or Injected Steroids are More Beneficial Short Term for Treatment of Cluster Headaches
Journal Headache Mitochondrial Disease
Journal Less Cortical Thickness in Patients are Persistent in Post Traumatic Headaches Compared to Healthy Controls
Journal Migraines and Vertigo
Journal Prevalence Migraine and Severe Headaches
Journal Retrospective Nested Cohort Study Emergency Department Revisits Migraine in New York City
Journal STMS Migraine Treatment in Adolescents
Journal Unnecessary Neuroimaging Patients Presumed Primary Headaches
Journal Why Certain Manuscripts are Rejected from Headache After Peer Review
July Society Spotlight
July Society Spotlight 2
June Society Spotlight
June Society Spotlight 2
Lasmiditan Prescription
Late Life Ischemic Stroke Risk Not Associated with Early Onset Migraine
Lifestyle Counseling From Nurses May Improve Patient Outcomes
Long Wait Times for Headache Specialty Care
Magnesium Sulfate Acute Treatment
Magnetic Stimulation Treatment for Children with Migraines
Maintaining Compassion Diet Based Migraine Matters
Major Study Looking at Medicine Treatments in Pediatric Migraine
Managing Migraines during Covid-19
March Society Spotlight
March Society Spotlight 2022
Mast Most Bothersome Symptom
Maternal Migraine Link to Babies with Colic Reported by the American Headache Society at 61st Annual Meeting
May Society Spotlight
May Society Spotlight 2
Media Advisory Cindy McCain and Leading Migraine Specialists Lead a Call to Action for More Research Funds
Medication Overuse for Headaches Q&A with Deborah Friedman
Medication Overuse for Headaches Q&A with Todd Schwedt, MD, FAHS
Member in the News: Kathleen Digre
Member Spotlight: Amy Gelfand, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Carrie Dougherty, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Christina Szperka
Member Spotlight: Dan Henry, MD
Member Spotlight: David Watson, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Gregory Dussor
Member Spotlight: Gretchen Tietjen, MD
Member Spotlight: Kathleen Digre, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Larry LC Charleston IV, MD, MSC, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Manuel Vides Rosales, MD
Member Spotlight: Rashmi Halker Singh, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Rebecca Burch, MD
Member Spotlight: Richard Lipton, MD, FAHS
Member Spotlight: Russo
Member Spotlight: Shivang Joshi
Member Spotlight: William B. Young, MD
Mia Minen
Migraine and CBD Oil Doctor Q&A with Stephen Silberstein, MD, FACP, FAHS
Migraine and Inflammation Linked in Young Adults
Migraine Aura Contraceptives and Stroke Risk
Migraine Behavioral Treatment
Migraine Community Sees Promise in New Class of Drugs
Migraine and Contraceptives
Migraines Evolve with Age
Migraines Impacting Women
Migraines in the Adolescent Patient Overview
Migraine is the Most Common Phenotype of Concussions in Young Athletes
Migraine Location Quality Different Pediatric vs. Adult Populations
Migraine Patient Education About Medication Improves Self Treatment
Migraine Patients More Likely to Take Triptan Medications When Their Pain is Mild and is Throbbing or Unilateral
Migraines and Pregnancy Q&A with Dr. Matthew Robbins
Migraine Prevention Treatment
Migraine Progression Risk Factors Review
Migraine Stigma May Prevent Proper Diagnosis and Treatment in Men
Migraines, Strokes, and Heart Disease Q&A with Dr. Gretchen Tietjen
Migraine and Stroke Risk in Women
Migraine Subgroups
Migraine Sufferers Say They’ve Managed Pierce Pain Away
Migraine Symptoms on Non-Headache Days
Migraines in Transgender Patients
Migraine Triggers Surprisal
Migraine Triggers
Migraine Warning Signs May Differ in Kids and Adults
Migraine with Aura Shown to be an Important Risk Factor for All Strokes in Women
MRF and AMD Announce Joint 2017 Request Proposals
Neurolief Relivion Announcement
Neuromodulation as a Treatment for Migraines
New Class Leaders in 2018 Emerging Leaders Program
New Data on Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Interventions in Migraines
New Dates and Location for the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting
New Drugs Show Promise First Prevent Migraines
New Investigational Treatments Findings on Migraine Highlight Therapeutic Advancements
New Migraine Drugs are on the Horizon
New Migraine Drugs
New Migraine Drugs Promise $8500 Price Tag
New Research Guidance from FDA
New Research on Migraines and Opioids
New Research on Opioid Use in Migraines Reveals Challenges of Acute Migraine Care
New Research Uncovers Unique Migraine Subgroups Offering New Look Individualized Treatment
Next on Deck
Ninds Headache Common Data Elements Announcement
Noah Rosen Member Spotlight
Non Invasive Migraine Treatment Options Q&A with Dr. Steward Tepper
November 2022 Society Spotlight
November Society Spotlight
Nurtec ODT Rimegepant Receives Additional Approval for Preventive Treatment for Adult Patients with Episodic Migraine
NVNS Device Receives FDA Expansion
Obese Women and Men Under 50 Years Old at Greater Risk of Episodic Migraine
October 2022 Society Spotlight
October Society Spotlight
Onabotulinumtoxina Treatment for Chronic Migraines
Opioid Treatments and Headaches Like Oil and Water
Opioids and Migraines
Opportunities to Improve Communication Between Doctors and Patients with Migraines
Oral Contraceptives and Migraines
OTC Migraine Treatment
Out of My Head Trailer
Overview of Migraine Diagnosis
Painful Truth World Brain Day
Pediatric Migraine Camp
Pediatric Migraine Q&A with Dr. Christina Szperka
People with Migraine Endure Greater Social Stigma Than Those with Asthma Same as Those with Epilepsy or Panic Disorders
PFO Closure for Migraine Prevention
Post Traumatic Headache Concussions Q&A with Dr. Amaal Starling
Post Traumatic Headaches in Veterans
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Migraines
Post Traumatic Headaches Persist Five Years After Traumatic Brain Injury
Pregnancy Migraines
Q&A with Dr. Dawn Buse on Migraines, Depression, and Anxiety
Rebecca Erwin Wells Member Spotlight
Recapping 2017 Scottsdale Headache Symposium
Recapping 2018 International Headache Academy
Recapping 2nd Annual Resident Education Program
Recapping the International Headache Congress
Recent Developments in Migraine and Cluster Headache Treatment
Red Flags in Headache History
Red Flags in Headaches: What if it Isn’t a Migraine
Registration is Now Open for the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting
Remote Neuromodulation
Research Highlights Impacts Migraine Career Advancement and Financial Stability
Research Summary: Link Between Gastrointestinal Disorders and Migraine Insights into the Gut Brain Connection
Research Summary: Brain Connectivity Predicts Chronic Pain in Acute Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Research Summary: DCBTI and Chronic Migraines
Research Summary: Emergency Department Opioid Use
Research Summary: Headache Associated with Covid-19
Research Summary: Medication Overuse for Headache Treatment
Research Summary: Migraine Treatment and Covid-19 Vaccines are No Cause for Concern
Research Summary: Practice Guideline Summary Management of Primary Headache During Pregnancy
Research Summary: Rational Polypharmacy for Migraines
Research Summary: Telehealth Perceptions and Utilization for the Delivery of Headache Care Before and During Pandemic
Research Summary: Toward a Better Understanding of Persistent Headache After Mild Covid-19
Resident Education Program Q&A with Matthew Robbins, MD, FAHS
Rimegepant Acute Migraine Treatment
Role Catastrophizing Pediatric Migraine
Second Line Interventions for Migraine in the Emergency Department
September 2022 Society Spotlight
Sex Family History of Headache and Low Income More Associated with Persistent Headaches in Children Who Suffer from Mild Brain Injuries
Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective Migraine Prophylaxis
SIS Post Traumatic Headache
Sleep Migraine Improved Patient Outcomes
Sleep Quality Migraine
So Many Migraines, So Few Specialists
Special Interest Section Profile: Behavioral Issues
Special Interest Section Profile: Clinical Informatics Section
Special Interest Section Profile: Complementary Integrative Medicine
Special Interest Section Profile: Methodology Design and Statistical Issues
Special Interest Section Profile: Migraine and Vascular Disease
Special Interest Section Profile: New Investigator Trainee Section
Special Interest Section Profile: Pediatric and Adolescent Headache
Special Interest Section Profile: Primary Front Line Headache Care
Special Interest Section Profile: Procedural Headache Medicine
Special Interest Section Profile: Refractory Inpatient Emergency Care Section
Special Interest Section Profile: TMD Cervical Spine Orofacial Pain
Special Interest Section Profile: Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias
Special Interest Section Profile: Underserved Populations Headache Medicine
Special Interest Section Profile: Women’s Issues
State Funding Migraine Research
State Headache Medicine Q&A with Peter Goadsby
Statement in Observance of Hispanic Heritage Month
Strauss Member Spotlight
Stress Reduction for Migraine Management
Study: Demonstrates Feasibility Migraine Specific CBT
Study: Routine Exercise and Headache Outcomes Among Adults with Episodic Migraine
Study: School Start Times Migraine Lack Adequate Sleep
Suboptimal Treatment of Episodic Migraine May Mean Progression to Chronic Migraines
Teens and Young Children Not Getting Optimal Care for Migraine Pain
Teens Carry Burden of Parental Chronic Migraines
Telemedicine for Covid-19
Telemedicine Neurologic Examination
Telemedicine Proves Value in Managing Migraine Patients
Tension Type Headache Found to Have Significant Association with White Matter Hyperintensities
The 2017 Scottsdale Headache Symposium is Approaching
The 2019 Scottsdale Headache Symposium in Review
The 2021 Scottsdale Headache Symposium Recap and Review
The Future of Neuromodulation
The Only Thing that is Constant is Change
The State of Headache Medicine in Canada Q&A with Elizabeth Leroux, MD
The Traffic Light of Headaches
The Winning Entries from the 6th Annual Migraine Moment Short Film Contest
Their Words: AHS Member Amaal Starling, MD Shares Personal History with Migraines
Times Up Headache Medicine
Todd J. Schwedt, MD Wins the American Headache Society’s Coveted Wolff Award for Seminal Work in Migraine Classification
Too Many Migraine Patients are Getting Opioids and Barbiturates for Their Pain
Top Headache Articles 2017
Touch Sensitivity During Migraine Episodes Q&A with Dr. Rami Burstein
Trainee Education During Covid-19
Transcutanoues Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Migraine Prevention
Treating Chronic Pain Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury
Treating Medication Overuse Headache
Treating Migraine During Pregnancy
Treating Pediatric Migraines
Treating Refractory Pediatric Migraine
Truth Behind Different Migraine Triggers Addressed at Annual Scientific Meeting
Types of Auras
Ubrogepant Approved by FDA
Understanding and Treating Headaches Related to Menopause
Understanding Migraine Colic
Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Migraines and Cluster Headaches
Value American Headache Society Membership Q&A with Kathleen Digre
Value Headache Specialist
Verapamil Cluster Headaches
Vets Returning From Middle East Conflicts Have Lower Employment Success if They Experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury
Virtual Issue Summary Kids with Headache Disorders are Not Just Little Adults with Headache Disorders
What Allodynia Tells Us About Migraines with David Dodick, MD
What to Do When Treatment Fails
What to Know About Treating Pediatric Migraines
What’s Hot AHS 2017
What’s That Smell
Why Light Can Cause Pain During Migraines Q&A with Dr. Rami Burstein
Wolff Award Winning Research Identifies Unmet Treatment Need for Migraine Patients with Allodynia
Women with Obesity Undertreating Migraine Pain
Workforce Gap Headache
Zolmitriptan Nasal Spray Treats Adolescent Migraines Across Age Groups
Statement of Solidarity with Asian Community

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