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Resident Education Program REACH IHA
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Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson

Comprehensive training in outpatient management, headache procedures, infusion therapies, and inpatient treatment with UCNS-certified specialists in neurology, physiatry, and psychiatry. One year, 80% clinical and 20% research/academic. Option for second year focusing on research (20% clinical).

Fellowship Class of 2020-2021

Fellowship Position #1: Ayesha Ahmad
Fellowship Position #2: Aniket Natekar
Fellowship Position #3: Courtney White
Fellowship Position #4: Hsiangkuo “Scott” Yuan

Fellowship Class of 2021-2022

Fellowship Position #1: Fred Cohen
Fellowship Position #2: E.M.G. DePoy
Fellowship Position #3: Brittany Heckel
Fellowship Position #4: Marianna Vinokour



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Program Director: Stephanie Nahas

Program Contact: Kristin Stuart