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Approximately 10% of children experience migraine, but it often goes undiagnosed and untreated as symptoms present differently in children compared to adults. Leaders in headache medicine explain the signs, symptoms, treatment options, accommodations during school and avoiding chronic attacks for pediatric patients. 

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Treating Pediatric Migraine

Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO, FAHS, explains what providers should consider when treating pediatric migraine.

News & Articles

Research Summary: Acute and Chronic Management of Posttraumatic Headache in Children

Summarized by Tracy B. Grossman, MD Headache®: The Journal of Head and Face Pain publishedRead More

What to Know About Treating Pediatric Migraine

Here’s what you need to know about special treatment considerations for your pediatric migraine patientsRead More

Research Summary: Acute Treatment of Migraine in Children and Adolescents

Headache®: The Journal of Head and Face Pain published Practice guideline update summary: Acute treatmentRead More

Options for Treating Refractory Pediatric Migraine

Study finds that outpatient DHE infusion in combination with interdisciplinary care could help adolescents withRead More

Pediatric Migraine Camp Benefits Patients and Parents

A paper published in Headache® details how a youth camp helps teens and their familiesRead More

Treating Pediatric Migraine

Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO, FAHS, talks about how to make children living with migraine moreRead More

Infant Colic and Maternal Migraine Linked in New Study

A study published in Headache® shows that moms with migraine are more likely to haveRead More

Pediatric Migraine: Q&A With Dr. Christina Szperka

Migraine in children is often undiagnosed and untreated. Dr. Christina Szperka on the prevalence ofRead More

Patient Resources

Getting the Right Care for Your Child with Migraine

The first step in migraine care for children is to seek the help of a healthcare provider. Learn tips to help you prepare for your visit.Read More

Migraine in Kids: Addressing the Impact

Learn how to stay involved in minimizing the negative effects of migraine in kids when it comes to your child’s quality of life. Read more.Read More

Pediatric Migraine Action Plan

Learn how a pediatric migraine action plan can help your child with migraine flourish, even when they suffer attacks at school.Read More

Caring for a Child with Migraine | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide on caring for a child with migraine. Read More

Concussion and Post-Traumatic Headache in Children | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide: Concussion and Post-Traumatic Headache in ChildrenRead More

Pediatric Migraine: A Guide for Parents

Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO, FAHS, talks about how parents can help identify, explain and manage their child’s pediatric migraine. Read More

“Why Do I Have Migraine?” and Answers to Other Questions that Children Have

Children likely have many questions about their migraine. Learn from Dr. Andrew Hershey some answers to their questions to help comfort them.Read More

Identifying and Removing Dietary Triggers in Children

What can parents do if certain foods trigger migraine attacks in their child? Learn about food triggers in children, and how elimination diets can help.Read More

How Comprehensive Headache Centers Can Help Patients with Pediatric Migraine

We spoke with Dr. Jessica Gautreaux, child neurologist and headache specialist, about the role comprehensive headache centers can play.Read More

Healthy Habits for Kids with Migraine

The following tips help kids with migraine follow healthy habits and give them a means of managing their symptoms. Read more.Read More

Migraine in Schoolchildren: A Parent’s Guide

Kids can struggle to explain their symptoms and advocate for their health. Here's how parents can advocate for children with migraine in the classroom.Read More

Advocating for Your Child with Migraine

How can you help your child manage their migraine? Read Dr. Marielle Kabbouche Samaha's tips to parents so you can be effective advocates for your kid.Read More

MRI for Kids: When is Brain Imaging Necessary?

When is an MRI necessary for kids with headaches? Dr. Meghan S. Candee offers insights on how to discuss imaging for children to parents.Read More

Abdominal Migraine: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If your child is affected by ongoing stomach pain, it could be abdominal migraine. Click here to learn more about its symptoms and treatments.Read More

Migraine in Children

Learn how migraine affects children, what treatments are available and how to help your child manage their migraine.Read More

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