Practice Management Committee

The mission of the Practice Management Committee is to advocate for the quality practice of headache by improving the economic and regulatory environment for members through education and advocacy.


  1. Educate Headache specialists in practice management and regulatory matters to enhance patient care delivery and improve the financial well-being of the headache practice.
  2. Advocate on behalf of patients with headache disorders and headache specialists to regulatory and commercial entities.

Committee Members

Brad C. Klein, MD, MBA, FAHS, Chair
Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, Co-Chair
Susan K. Baggaley, APRN-BC, MSN
Brian M. Grosberg, MD, FAHS
Susan Hutchinson, MD
Siddharth Kapoor, MD, FAHS
Christine Lay, MD, FAHS
Brian D. Loftus, MD
Elizabeth Seng, PhD
Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PhD
Christina L. Szperka, MD, FAHS
Raissa Villanueva, MD, MPH