Preventive Migraine Treatment


When should patients start preventive medication and how can providers help them choose the right treatments? Our experts cover the basics, like the goals and principles of preventive treatment and share information to help clinicians safely and successfully prescribe treatment. Learn more about new treatment options, common contraindications, treatment timelines and more.

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Preventive Treatment for Migraine

Preventive treatments for migraine should be considered for patients with four or more headache days a month. Here’s how and when preventive measures such as medication or lifestyle changes should be used to treat migraine.

Clinical Pearls on Migraine Prevention

Preventative measures are especially beneficial for patients with frequent, disabling or long-lasting attacks. While 40% of those patients could see improved outcomes, only 15% of patients receive preventive options. Stephanie Nahas, MD, MSEd, FAHS, shares clinical pearls on migraine prevention.

Preventive Migraine Treatment: How to Counsel Patients

Duren Michael Ready, MD, FAHS, discusses counseling patients about their preventive migraine treatment for the most effective results. He also shares tips on how to discontinue preventive migraine treatment and more.

News & Articles

Research Summary: Rational Polypharmacy for Migraine

Summarized by Anna Pace, MD Treating migraine is a complex issue, as there is noRead More

Research Summary: A narrative review of the importance of pharmacokinetics and drug–drug interactions of preventive therapies in migraine management

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Incorporating Nutraceuticals for Migraine Prevention

What primary care practitioners should know about nutraceuticals for migraine Certain supplements have been foundRead More

Clinical Pearls on Migraine Prevention

Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, FAHS, MSEd explains how migraine prevention and patient education go handRead More


Treating and Preventing Migraine

What acute and preventive medication options are there for people living with migraine? Dr. Olivia Begasse De Dhaem provides an overview of the different types of medications, from NSAIDS to triptans.

Patient Resources

Migraine Management Techniques: Q&A with Stephanie J. Nahas, MD

To prevent attacks from happening, migraine management is key. Learn techniques to identify and avoid your migraine triggers.Read More

Migraine and the New Anti-CGRP Treatments

What to know about fremanezumab (AJOVY™), the second anti-CGRP treatment for migraine.Read More

How Gepants and Ditans Complement Existing Therapies

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Frequently Asked Questions about OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) for Migraine

Learn more about Onabotulinum A for migraine, including how therapy works, what treatment feels like and what the potential side effects are.Read More

Headache Journals: Tracking Your Migraine

A headache journal or migraine diary can be a valuable resource in managing your disease. Learn about the different types and how to create one for yourself.Read More

5 Things to Know Before Beginning Acupuncture

Dr. Niushen Zhang discusses 5 things you should know before starting acupuncture for migraine treatment or pain management.Read More

Preventive Migraine Treatment: An Introduction

Preventive migraine treatment is intended to prevent the chances of an attack occurring. Are you a good candidate for preventive therapies?Read More

Obtaining Access to Migraine Treatments

Dr. Thomas Berk discusses hurdles to obtaining access to migraine treatments, including medical insurance and prior authorization.Read More

Top 10 Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them

Learn all about the top 10 most common migraine triggers and the American Migraine Foundation's best tips for managing and preventing them.Read More

Seasonal Migraine Triggers

When the seasons and weather change, so can migraine triggers. Learn more about the seasonal impact of migraine and what triggers to look out for.Read More

Migraine Prevention 101: What It Is, When To Use It and Why

Learn about migraine prevention, how to create a preventive strategy with your healthcare provider and the types of treatments available.Read More

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