Become a Leader in Headache Medicine With Special Interest Sections

What are Special Interest Sections?

Special Interest Sections are groups designed to promote specific scientific, educational, or patient care goals within the society.

7 out of 10 AHS members choose to get involved in one of our committees and/or Special Interest Sections—a testament to how engaged our members are with the headache medicine community.

What kind of Special Interest Sections are there?

AHS offers several specialized Special Interest Sections, each focusing on a different subject within headache medicine. Some examples of these sections within the society include:

Designed to promote open communication between providers and their patients and help raise awareness of safe alternative methods for treating headache.

Watch this video to learn more about this section’s mission.

This section focuses on pediatric and adolescent patients in the effort to promote research and advocacy for children and teenagers with headache disorders.

Watch this video to learn more about this section’s current projects.

The goal of this section is to refine our understanding of the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of post-traumatic headache.

Watch this video to learn more about this section’s vision.

Dedicated to advancing the study of women-specific headache issues such as menstrual-related migraine, migraine in pregnancy, contraceptive and hormonal issues, among many others. This section also helps female AHS members develop leadership skills and provides the support they need as female healthcare professionals.

Watch this video to learn more about this section’s ongoing and future work.

Identifies patient communities receiving inadequate care and assists them in overcoming barriers they may face in terms of proper diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders.

Watch this video to learn more about this section’s impact on the headache community.

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Why should I join a Special Interest Section?

These sections are an excellent way for members to demonstrate leadership within the organization and advance their career. With assistance from the Leadership Development Committee, these sections also provide networking and mentorship opportunities by connecting AHS members with community leaders and headache medicine specialists.

Special Interest Sections also organize new clinical or research efforts in their topic of interest, offering an excellent chance to get involved in scholarly work. 

How do I join a Special Interest Section?

To join a Special Interest Section, log into your member profile and click on the “groups” tab. From there, simply select “Join Group” on the section or sections you wish to join.

Interested in applying to multiple Special Interest Sections? Many AHS members are involved in multiple sections, so feel free to apply to multiple groups!

Can I create my own Special Interest Section?

We understand that our field is changing every day and encourage our members to consider bringing awareness to new and evolving topics. Members interested in forming a new Special Interest Section can petition to the Board of Directors for approval.


For additional information on Special Interest Sections (SIS) and how to get involved, contact us here.


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