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Depending on a patient’s headache history, providers might need to determine if the headache is primary or secondary and decide if further testing is necessary. Our experts put together resources to help you identify red flags in headache medicine, concerning changes in headache history and more.

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Migraine Basics

Changes in Headache History: When to be Concerned

Headache disorders can be a difficult health issue to address. They can be further complicated, however, by changes in headache or symptoms. Brian Plato, DO, FAHS, explains which changes in headache history are cause for concern and how providers can help.
Migraine Basics

Primary vs. Secondary Headache

When diagnosing patients with migraine, healthcare providers must determine whether a headache is primary or secondary. Learn more about telling the difference.

News & Articles

Updated Guidelines for Neuroimaging in Migraine

Researchers update evidence-based recommendations about when to obtain neuroimaging in patients with migraine.  In DecemberRead More

Red Flags in Headache History

Brian Plato, DO, FAHS, talks about when healthcare professionals should be concerned about a secondaryRead More


Red Flags in Headache -- What if it isn't Migraine?

About 80-90% of the headaches are primary headaches, but the other 10-20% are secondary—caused by something else, usually an underlying condition or side effect of medication. This episode, Dr. Rebecca Michael dives into the “red flags” to look out for when making a diagnosis.

Asking the Right Questions to Diagnose Migraine

Dr. Brian Plato explains how providers can diagnose migraine through a systematic set of questions to feel confident in their diagnosis.

Patient Resources

What Type of Headache Do You Have? | American Migraine Foundation

Use our guide to help narrow down the most common types of migraine to find out what kind of headache you have. Read More

Changes in Headache Symptoms: When to be Concerned

Changes in your headache symptoms may possibly indicate complications. Find out what symptoms to watch for and when to see a doctor.Read More

MRI for Kids: When is Brain Imaging Necessary?

When is an MRI necessary for kids with headaches? Dr. Meghan S. Candee offers insights on how to discuss imaging for children to parents.Read More

What to Expect From a First-Time Visit to a Headache Specialist

If you've never been to a headache specialist before, read our checklist to prepare for your visit and get the right treatment.Read More

What Causes Migraine

While lifestyle and medical factors that affect migraine differ for everyone, addressing them can impact how you feel. These tools can help you manage them.Read More

Why Do I Have Migraine?

Dr. Andrew Hershey outlines migraine’s contributing factors and what you can do to prevent a migraine attack.Read More

How to Establish a Good Relationship with Your Healthcare Professional

Dawn Buse, PhD, FAHS, discusses how patients can establish a strong doctor-patient relationship with their health care provider.Read More

Is it Time to See a Headache Specialist? | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide: Is it Time to See a Headache Specialist?Read More

Changes in Headache: When to See Your Doctor | American Migraine Foundation

Download our free guide to learn more about which headache red flags to watch out for and when you should see your doctor.Read More

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