Below, we’ve listed links to regional headache-focused societies you can network with. Read more about the different organizations to see which one is closest to you and what they focus on.

Headache Cooperative of New England

The Headache Cooperative of New England is a non-profit organization composed of medical, dental, and allied health professionals who are interested in the science and practice of headache medicine. HCNE was established in 1986 as the New England local affiliate of the American Association for the Study or Headache (AASH), now the American Headache Society (AHS). HCNE became independent of the AAHS several years later and became a non-profit organization in 2002. HCNE has a Board of Directors composed of leading headache specialists in the greater New England region.

Headache Cooperative of the Pacific

The Headache Cooperative of the Pacific (HCOP) was formed in the summer of 2007 in response to a growing desire for better communication and education among healthcare providers who treat headache patients.

Southern Headache Society

The Southern Headache Society (SHS) is a non-profit organization of health care professionals dedicated to the treatment of headache, facial pain, and related disorders. The Southern Headache Society was formed in 2011 by a group of physicians in the South interested in promoting the practice of Headache Medicine.

Great Lakes Regional Headache Society

The Great Lakes Regional Headache Society was founded in 2018 by Drs. Shivang Joshi, Deborah Reed and MaryAnn Mays. The society recently held its inaugural event, The Headache Update Symposium 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio.