Discussing the Future of Headache Medicine

Leaders in the field analyze the past while looking forward to the future.

The American Headache Society is proud to share insights from two doctors dedicated to the field of headache medicine. Stephen Silberstein, MD, FAHS, director of the Headache Center at Jefferson University Hospital, joins Allan Purdy, MD, FAHS, former president of the American Headache Society, to cover the importance of guideline development, how technology aids in diagnostics, future trajectories in the field, and more. 

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One of the major points discussed during Silberstein and Purdy’s conversation was the lack of specialists currently affecting headache medicine.

“I think the fundamental issue is that there are not enough headache doctors,” says Dr. Silberstein, explaining the challenge facing headache medicine. “Those of us who are trained cannot take care of all the patients.” 

Dr. Silberstein’s comment underscores exactly why the Society is dedicated to the education and training of those interested in careers in headache medicine. A lack of headache specialists is just one of the issues the Society is actively working to address in order to provide improved access to care for those with headache disorders. 

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to listen to two experts discuss how to improve the future of headache medicine. For more video content, go to our Video Library

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