American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up – February

Information and advice from your fellow AHS members

Each week, the American Migraine Foundation invites members of the American Headache Society to host 30-minute Facebook Live events on their Facebook page. As part of the #MoveAgainstMigraine campaign, these doctors share resources with an engaged audience, while answering questions that related to the topic. On behalf of the American Migraine Foundation, thank you to the following doctors who recently hosted these events. Learn more about the topics shared and the doctors who donated their time below.

Seasonal Influences on Migraine

Cynthia Armand, MD, Neurologist at the Montefiore Medical Center, discussed how seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity can trigger the onset of migraine. Each season presents unique hurdles for patients with migraine, so anticipating their arrival can be vital to managing the disease. Throughout her chat, Armand presented different preventive methods for each season. Read the full recap here.

Women’s Health and Migraine

Katherine Hamilton, MD, Headache Fellow at Montefiore Medical Center, shared how estrogen fluctuations can trigger migraine onset in women. Hamilton recognized that as women advance through life stages, their treatment strategy needs to adjust for optimal results. In her discussion, she offered insights these adjustments as well as advice for communicating specific needs with physicians. Read the full recap here.  

CGRP Drugs and Migraine

Amaal Starling, MD, FAHS, Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Ariz, provided insights on the benefits and drawbacks of the CGRP treatments, citing information from the results of various clinical trials. Throughout her chat, she emphasized the importance of getting involved with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) as the treatments move through the FDA approval process. Read a full recap of her discussion here.

Neuromodulation for Migraine Treatment

Stewart Tepper, MD, FAHS, professor of Neurology at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Director of the Dartmouth Headache Center, held an in-depth discussion about neuromodulation treatment options for migraine patients. During his discussion, he provided insights on which patients are good candidates for the approved treatments, informed participants on what research still needs to be done and expressed the importance of lobbying insurance providers so that these treatments may become more easily accessible. Read the full recap here.

Since launching the #MoveAgainstMigraine campaign in 2017, the online community has grown to over 60,000 followers. There are also over 14,000 patients and advocates in the private Move Against Migraine Facebook group. Hosting an event is an excellent way to make an impact within the migraine community. If you are interested in hosting a Facebook Live Event, please fill out this form.

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