April 2021 Society Spotlight

Meet Jessica Ailani MD, FAHS, FAAN, FANA, AHS Board Member-at-Large

Spring has always been my favorite time of year. Every morning is a countdown to when the cherry blossoms will bloom, how many days we have gone without rain, and how many birds’ nests we have seen. This year, more than others, I have looked forward to the change in season as it represents the possibility of a different kind of hope—the chance to see each other again!

Hello all! My name is Jessica Ailani, and I am one of your board members-at-large. This is my second term on the board, and it has been an honor and privilege. During my term I have worked to create and promote headache education to reach a wide range of learners as well as looked for ways to build mentorship and sponsorship within our society.  One of my key strengths is working as a collaborator, and there is no greater group of individuals to help build mentorship networks than those within our society. I have been lucky to be surrounded by amazing individuals that have helped push these initiatives forward, both on the board and off. It is being surrounded by our headache community that has allowed me to mentally survive this pandemic, and I am forever grateful to our society. From the journal to our virtual meetings, to our special interest groups and committees, there are so many reasons and ways to be involved.

Whether you are a recently joined member (welcome!) or a recently re-engaged member, or one who has been active for a long time, I look forward to connecting with you online at our virtual scientific meeting and hopefully seeing you in Scottsdale later this year! Consider joining one of our special interest groups—it is the best way to start to network with a group of like-minded headache individuals and nerd out over the latest and greatest in the field (it is how many of us on the board got our start and fell in love with the society). If you are looking to become more involved with our society and need some advice, feel free to send me (or any of us on the board) an email. We are happy to help and advise ways to become more involved with the society. It takes a lot of work to keep our society going, but the rewards of educating others pays out in caring for hundreds of thousands of people with headache disorders we would never be able to see alone.


Jessica Ailani MD FAHS FAAN FANA



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