2017 IHS Fellowship Award

Information for Applicants

The IHS fellowship award aims support innovative and impactful research from young investigators, promote the career of young investigators in the field of headache, and increase the knowledge base of headache disorders. Applications for basic or clinical headache research, or a combination of basic and clinical research, will be considered.

The deadline for applications is 15 May 2017; applicants will be notified within 2 months of the deadline. The fellowship should commence within 6 months of acceptance.

Applications received by the IHS Administrative Office will be evaluated to ensure they fulfill all the required eligibility criteria. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered further. Complete and accurate applications will be submitted for evaluation to the IHS Fellowship Review Committee. Applicants will be informed of a definitive decision by email as soon as practical.

Length of tenure: Funding is provided for 1- and 2-year fellowships

Value: The award is designed to provide funding to cover the fellow’s salary costs based on the local economic context of where the fellowship is taking place. The maximum amount of the total yearly grant is GBP 50,000 (12 months).

Awards are to be received by the host institution – no administrative expenses should be deducted from the grant award. In exceptional circumstances (such as in the case that the host institutions will withhold administrative expenses) awards may be paid directly to the fellow in portions depending on progress reports approved by the mentor.

Funding transparency: The applicant must declare in advance to IHS if he/she will benefit from any other source of financing to complete the fellowship.

Essential criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for a fellowship award:

  • The applicant and mentor must be members of IHS
  • The applicant and mentor must be professionally involved in the treatment, research or management of headache disorders
  • The applicant should be within 7 years of completing training (MD, PhD, specialty training, whatever was last) not including non-professional periods
  • The applicant should not have previously received an IHS fellowship award
  • The hosting institution must be different from the home institution and preferably, but not necessarily, in another country.
  • The applicant should not currently be working with the future mentor. In special cases applications on this basis will be accepted if the current working period has been for less than 12 months
  • No geographical restriction on the host institution shall be applied

Download Application: Each application must include:

  • Updated curriculum vitae of the applicant (to include personal data, qualifications, language ability, academic training, clinical experience, research experience, honours achieved, full bibliography and any other material thought to be appropriate)
  • Fellowship proposal following the template in the Aims and plan section
  • Two reference letters (other than the fellowship mentor)
  • Updated short curriculum vitae of the fellowship mentor
  • Confirmation letter of support and acceptance from the host institution or fellowship mentor (to include where appropriate a description of the clinical program, hours of work, type of work, time in the office/hospital, level of patient care).

Host organization: The host organization must ensure that the award holder is made aware of his/her responsibilities during the fellowship. Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to termination of the award and the society reserves the right to recover the fund in part or fully.

Data protection: To meet the society’s obligations for member’s accountability, some details of Awards will be made available on the society’s website, reports, documents or mailing lists.

Protection of any intellectual property will be fully respected. Nevertheless, and with the consent of the award holder, the society may share the findings from the research fellowship with its members via its website or owned publications.

Reporting: The award holder must submit an interim report on the completion of the first half of the fellowship, and a final report within 6 months following the end of the fellowship period. All reports must be signed and approved by the mentor.

All payments may be recovered if the report is not received within the 6 months of the end of the fellowship period.

Data presentation: The award holder must present the results of his/her research at the next IHS congress (IHC) following completion of the fellowship (unless the congress is held less than 1 month following submission).

IHS contribution: The society’s contribution to the accomplishment of the fellowship should be acknowledged in all publications or presentations related to the research.

Insurance: Any insurance-related matters for the duration of the fellowship will be the entire responsibility of the award holder.

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