Ethics Committee

The charge of the Ethics Committee is to:

  1. Set standards for and adjudicate conflicts of interest
  2. Reviewing the conflict of interest policies annually
  3. Receive and investigate misconduct and ethical complaints pertaining to AHS members in accordance with the AHS Disciplinary Action Policy
  4. Recommend to the Board of Directors appropriate amendments to the AHS Disciplinary Action Policy and the AHS Code of Professional Behavior
  5. Conduct such other investigations and perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Board or the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

R. Allan Purdy, MD, FAHS, Chair
Alan G. Finkel, MD, FAHS
Christopher H. Gottschalk, MD, FAHS
Morris Levin, MD, FAHS
Heather E. O'Hara McCoy, DNP
Joel R. Saper, MD, FAHS
Christina L. Szperka, MD, FAHS
Stephanie Vertrees, MD, FAHS