Acute Treatment for Migraine


There is no universal method for managing migraine, and treatment varies from patient to patient. How do you know when an acute treatment is the right treatment? Our educational resources cover different types of acute treatments (sometimes referred to as rescue treatments), treatment considerations, guidelines and more to give you the information you need to provide your patients with proven methods of relief.

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Over-the-Counter Medications

When treating migraine, there are two main forms of medication to manage symptoms: over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen, and prescription medications, such as triptans. Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, spoke with us about everything you should know about these therapies.

News & Articles

Pfizer’s zavegepant (ZAVZPRET™) Migraine Nasal Spray Receives FDA Approval

This article is notice of a new approval, not intended to be an endorsement ofRead More

Research Summary: Rational Polypharmacy for Migraine

Summarized by Anna Pace, MD Treating migraine is a complex issue, as there is noRead More

Research Summary: A narrative review of the importance of pharmacokinetics and drug–drug interactions of preventive therapies in migraine management

Summarized by Richard Kim, MD  Headache®: The Journal of Head and Face Pain published “ARead More

Research Summary: Acute Treatment of Migraine in Children and Adolescents

Headache®: The Journal of Head and Face Pain published Practice guideline update summary: Acute treatmentRead More

OTC Migraine Treatment: Q&A

Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, discusses working with patients and getting honest answers about their OTCRead More

How Doctors Determine Acute Migraine Treatment Plans: Q&A with Stewart Tepper, MD, FAHS

Dr. Tepper walks through what needs to be considered when determining how to treat aRead More

The Traffic Light of Headache

Simplifying Acute Migraine Management for Physicians and Patients Using the Canadian Headache Society Guidelines ARead More


Treating and Preventing Migraine

What acute and preventive medication options are there for people living with migraine? Dr. Olivia Begasse De Dhaem provides an overview of the different types of medications, from NSAIDS to triptans.

Patient Resources

Over-the-Counter Medications vs. Prescription Medications

Find out whether over-the-counter medications or prescription medications are better for treating your migraine symptoms.Read More

How Gepants and Ditans Complement Existing Therapies

Gepants and ditans are the latest treatments for migraine. Read more on how these treatments complement and differ from existing therapies.Read More

What to Do When Migraine Treatment Fails?

While it can be extremely frustrating to try one treatment after the next, there is hope for those living with migraine to find relief.Read More

Production of Excedrin Migraine Discontinued Until Further Notice (UPDATED)

Patients with migraine may have to find alternative migraine medication due to discontinued production of Excedrin migraine until further notice.Read More

Cluster Headache Treatment Options

While cluster headaches can be debilitating, there are a variety of treatments that provide relief. Learn what options are available to you.Read More

Commonly Used Acute Migraine Treatments

How do you know you're taking the right medication for your migraine? Find out the different types of acute treatment and signs that you should try a new one.Read More

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for Acute Migraine Treatment

NSAIDS are common, effective treatment for migraine that you can get over the counter or through prescription. Learn about their uses, side effects, and more.Read More

Oral and Intranasal Triptans for Migraine

Learn about how triptans work and who they can help, as well as dosing, side effects and contraindications.Read More

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