New Investigators and Trainees

Co-Chairs: Juliana Vanderpluym, MD, FAHS and Angeliki Vgontzas, MD

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Headache is the most common neurological disorder with a significant burden of illness. Advancing the field of headache depends on the recruitment and support of new trainees and clinical investigators. Yet, there is no forum that exists for young trainees, practitioners or clinical investigators that may serve as a platform for mentorship, leadership training, and professional development. Alleviating suffering, improving our understanding of primary and secondary headache disorders, and the development of novel treatments depends on the influx of professionals committed to advancing the field. Therefore, a special interest section for trainees, young headache practitioners and investigators is essential in achieving the AHS mission to recruit and longitudinally support junior members as they embark into this exciting field of headache.

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Headache Author Guidelines
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Tool Kit for Headache Board Certification

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