First Contact – Headache in Primary Care

For primary care practitioners, access to helpful, accurate and timely information is essential to identifying and treating headache disorders, including migraine.


The goal of First Contact – Headache in Primary Care, powered by the American Headache Society, is to provide educational resources to empower healthcare professionals and improve headache and migraine care for their patients.


8 Things to Know About Migraine


Family physicians, internists, OBGYNs, pediatricians, PAs, NPs, and other allied healthcare providers can browse a variety of free resources on topics like Diagnosing Migraine, Acute and Preventive Migraine Treatment Options, Pediatric Migraine and Migraine, Pregnancy, & Lactation. 


All resources are curated by leaders in headache medicine. We encourage providers in all stages of their careers to utilize our programming and educational tools to improve patient care and develop expertise in the field of headache medicine.


Learn more about all the resources we have to offer.

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Must-Read Resources

Check out our curated selection of must-read resources on migraine and other headache disorders. We focus on the basics of diagnosing and treating head pain and link out to helpful reference materials that you can bookmark and refer to as needed.

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Bring Headache and Migraine Education to Your Institution

The flagship offering of the Headache in Primary Care program is our one-hour presentation, tailored to your audience’s needs and delivered by experts in headache care.


Watch the presentations on demand or bring them to your institution at no charge. We provide the speakers, slide materials, and can provide Zoom capabilities for a virtual presentation. In support of the talk, participants will have access to an ever-growing library of resources for managing headache in a primary care setting.

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News and Articles

An overview of the Traffic Light of Headache system for helping patients prevent headache attacks from becoming debilitating.Read More

Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, FAHS, walks through the characteristics of headache and how they are classified, as well as how to explain them to patients.Read More

Research extracting age, race/ethnicity, sex-standardaized and socioeconomic data characterizes the prevalence of migraine and headache.Read More

Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, discusses how to get honest answers from patients about their OTC migraine treatment strategies and ways to better inform them.Read More

Stewart Tepper, MD, FAHS, walks through what needs to be considered when determining acute migraine treatment plans for patients.Read More

Poor sleep habits and migraine continue to be linked as more advanced technology allows physicians to reveal a stronger connection.Read More

Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, FAHS, MSEd explains how migraine prevention and patient education go hand in hand.Read More

Elizabeth Seng, PhD, FAHS, recently spoke with the American Headache Society about cognitive behavioral therapy and its place in migraine treatment.Read More

A new study demonstrated the feasibility of developing a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program specifically for migraine patients.Read More

The future of pain management looks bright. Michael Oshinsky, PhD, discusses the future of neuromodulation technology in this Q&A.Read More

Randolph Evans, MD, FAHS spoke to us about the significance of the recently updated guidelines for neuroimaging in migraine for patients with headache.Read More

Umer Najib, MD, FAHS, shares who is a suitable candidate for non-invasive neuromodulation and explains how to gauge treatment success.Read More

Dips in estrogen cause many patients to seek out hormonal balancing methods such as contraceptives as a form of treatment.Read More

Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO, FAHS, talks treating pediatric migraine in this interview from the 2018 Scottsdale Headache Symposium.Read More

Dr. Christina Szperka on the prevalence of pediatric migraine and how treatment options for kids differ from how we treat adults.Read More

Research from Headache suggests education on lifestyle factors may be an effective, low-cost method for treating chronic headache in youth.Read More

New research suggest that single‐pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS) may be safe and effective for patients ages 12 to 17.Read More

A new study sought to examine available research to confirm whether there is a synergism between migraine and oral contraceptives related to stroke risk.Read More


The First Contact – Headache In Primary Care podcast breaks down topics in headache medicine for primary care providers and other healthcare professionals seeing patients with migraine and other headache disorders.

Listen to the First Contact Podcast Here

AHS gratefully acknowledges the educational support of the 2024 First Contact – Headache in Primary Care Program from our industry supporters, Abbvie, Inc. and Amgen, Inc.