Migraine, Pregnancy, & Lactation


For women with migraine, family planning can be complicated by the effects on migraine symptoms and risks involved in pregnancy, making it crucial that they have guidance from their primary care provider. This section covers the fundamentals of migraine during pregnancy and postpartum-safe treatment options for pregnant and lactating women, as well as warning signs for new or secondary headache.

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Treating Migraine During Pregnancy

How to treat patients for migraine during pregnancy It’s important for providers who treat womenRead More

Practice Guideline Summary: Management of Primary Headache During Pregnancy

Management of Primary Headache During Pregnancy is a published systematic review for the Agency forRead More

Infant Colic and Maternal Migraine Linked in New Study

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Adverse Pregnancy Risks Linked to Migraine in Women

The impact of migraine treatment not associated with pregnancy complications, but further research needed, expertRead More

Classifying Postpartum Headache

Research from Headache finds new data on women seeking treatment for acute postpartum headache. NearlyRead More

Migraine and Pregnancy: Q&A With Dr. Matthew Robbins

Women with migraine are often worried about how the disease will affect their pregnancy. Dr.Read More


Special Populations: Migraine during Pregnancy

How does this affect family planning and pregnancy? Hear from Dr. Tracy Grossman on helping women manage migraine through pregnancy.

How to Support Patients with Migraine who are Preparing for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can significantly impact migraine symptoms. Dr. Deena Kuruvilla, Dr. Susan Hutchinson and Dr. Catherine Stika explain how to provide pre-pregnancy counseling for migraine patients in this episode.

Pregnancy and Migraine Management (Part One)

From changes in medications to treatment at home, find out how to help women manage their migraine while pregnant.

Pregnancy and Migraine Management (Part Two)

What are some headache red flags that migraine patients should look out for while pregnant? Learn more from Dr. Susan Hutchinson and Dr. Catherine Stika about helping women with migraine manage pregnancy.

Patient Resources

Migraine and Pregnancy: How Hormones Affect Head Pain

Pregnancy can affect migraine pain. Learn how hormones can impact head pain before, during and after pregnancy and how to safely treat migraine while pregnant.Read More

Pregnancy and Migraine: The Impact

We asked our Move Against Migraine group about their experiences with pregnancy and migraine to learn more about how migraine impacts people.Read More

New Moms with Migraine: Understanding Postpartum Headache

Postpartum headache may occur in the first two weeks after delivery even if you didn't experience migraine during pregnancy. Learn the signs and symptoms.Read More

Balancing Chronic Migraine and Motherhood

Sarah from My Migraine Life shares how the disease affects her family and offers tips for preparing for a migraine attack.Read More

Migraine And Pregnancy: What Moms-to-Be Need To Know

Being pregnant can have a great impact on migraine symptoms and treatment. Learn from the experts on how pregnancy can affect your migraine.Read More

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