American Migraine Foundation Facebook Live Round Up — December

Information and advice from fellow AHS members

As a part of the #MoveAgainstMigraine campaign, the American Migraine Foundation invites members of the American Headache Society to host 30-minute Facebook Live events on their Facebook page. Each week, doctors share their expertise, answer questions and engage with patients and their supporters from all over the country.

On behalf of AMF, thank you to all Society members who donated their time and shared their insights with the migraine community. Learn more about each of their discussions below:

Clinical Pearls of Treating Migraine

Larry Robbins, MD, Neurologist at the Robbins Headache Clinic, hosted an in-depth discussion that informed patients on clinical pearls that health care providers use to develop a treatment plan for individuals living with migraine. Dr. Robbins answered patient questions regarding a variety of topics including, comorbidities and migraine treatment, benefits of psychotherapy and social support, advantages of natural medicine, common migraine triggers and preventive medications. Read a full recap of the discussion here.

Acupuncture and Migraine

Niushen Zhang, MD, Neurologist at Stanford Medicine and participant of the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program, shared five things patients should know before beginning acupuncture treatment for migraine. Dr. Zhang provided background and insights on acupuncture’s benefits, side effects and information about what patients can expect during treatment sessions. Additionally, she answered patient questions regarding what to expect in an initial visit with an acupuncturist and provides recommendations on the number of sessions a patient should attend in order to maximize treatment success. Read a full recap of the discussion here.

Common Types of Migraine and Symptoms

Nada Ahmad Hindiyeh, MD, Neurologist at Stanford Medicine and participant of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program, discussed the most common types of migraine and their associated symptoms. She outlined the key differences between chronic and episodic migraine, their subcategories, and effective methods for patients to track and classify their symptoms. Read a full recap of the discussion here.

Migraine and Comorbidities

Edmund Messina, MD, Neurologist at the Michigan Headache and Neurology Clinic, held a Facebook Live discussion about the relationship between comorbidities and migraine, as well as provided insight on effective medications to treat coexisting conditions. Dr. Messina covered a wide range of common comorbidities, including anxiety and depression, insomnia, neck pain and fibromyalgia, and answered a variety of patient questions on tactics to treat these conditions. Read a full recap of the discussion here.

Since its launch, the #MoveAgainstMigraine campaign has grown to a community of over 60,000 migraine patients and advocates. To spread awareness and accurate information, the American Migraine Foundation hosts weekly 30-minute long Facebook Live discussions with headache specialists and patient advocates. AHS members interested in hosting an event can fill out this form. We encourage you to sign up today and make a meaningful impact on the migraine community.

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