Post-traumatic Headache

Chair: Catherine D. Chong, PhD, FAHS

Message from Past Section Co-Chair Alan Finkel, MD, FAHS:

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To bring together clinicians and scientists with diverse interests and experience to study and treat Post-traumatic Headache.

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Additional Resources

Post-traumatic Headache Lecture Series:

  • Focus on Pediatric PTH: Developed by the Post-traumatic Headache Special Interest Section, the first in a series of virtual lectures discussed important topics and questions in pediatric post-traumatic headache. AHS Members can view the live webinar on the Member Portal here.
  • Sleep Dysfunction and the Circadian Rhythm in Migraine: Join PTH Section members Xianghong Arakaki MD PhD, Ageliki Vgontzas, MD, and Yohannes Woldeamanuel, MD as they present topics including The Connection Between Choroid Plexus and Circadian Rhythm Activities in Migraine, Sleep and Migraine: Clues from a Prospective Cohort Study of Actigraphy and Daily Diaries in Adults with Episodic Migraine, Time it Right! Circadian Medicine & Sleep Behavioral Interventions for Migraine. View the live webinar on the Member Portal here.