Women’s Health

2022-2024 Co-Chairs: Huma Sheikh, MD and Deena Kuruvilla, MD
2024-2026 Incoming Chair: Nina Riggins, MD

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To promote research on Women’s Health as it pertains to headache medicine, and to help women members of AHS develop leadership skills and provide the support they need as women health care professionals.

The Women’s Health Committee is a dynamic and diverse group of professionals that share a passion for women’s issues in headache. Members include practicing clinicians as well as researcher/academicians. Meetings are held twice a year, in conjunction with the AHS Summer and Fall Symposia. We are a very active committee within AHS, especially in the areas of education and research.

One of our primary educational activities include presenting Pre-Course and Section Symposia in conjunction with the Annual AHS Scientific Symposium; we focus on specific women’s issues in these symposia such as menstrual-related migraine, migraine in pregnancy, contraceptive and hormonal issues, among many others. Several of our members are frequent speakers at these symposia, bringing our clinical expertise to the audience.

In addition to educational symposia, we are actively involved in collaborative research. Several of these joint collaborative efforts in research have been submitted as poster presentations at AHS meeting and for publication to journals like Headache.

Lastly, we have fun together and many of us have formed strong friendships as a result of our involvement with the Women’s Health Section. We invite you to come and join us if you have an interest in women’s issues in headache and would like to meet some great fellow members of AHS!

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