COVID-19 and Headache Medicine

We all find ourselves living through an unprecedented public health crisis with the emergence of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Those living with migraine and other disabling headache disorders will continue to require care, and as healthcare providers, we will need to adapt. The American Headache Society is dedicated to helping our members and the community during this time by providing useful, thoughtful and actionable resources.

Resources from AHS

The American Headache Society is committed to sharing real-time information about practicing headache medicine during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Read below for the latest from our team.

Video Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered how clinicians are able to see and treat their patients, and headache specialists are no different. Faced with an unprecedented situation, physicians are turning to each other to determine how to navigate these challenging times. Watch as some of our members share their experiences and expertise.

Telehealth in the Headache Clinic
AHS member Jaclyn Duvall, MD, shares her experiences with telemedicine implementation and more in this video. Watch Here.
Conducting A Telemedicine Neurologic Exam
AHS member Jennifer Robblee, MD, shares how to conduct a telemedicine neurologic exam and more in this video. Watch Here.
Migraine Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic
AHS member Nina Riggins, MD, talks about effective and safe treatment modalities for treating migraine during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Teaching Trainees in the Headache Medicine Clinic during a Pandemic
AHS member Melissa Rayhill, MD, FAHS, shared how to provide virtual educational opportunities to trainees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wellness for Healthcare Providers
AHS member Dawn Buse, PhD, FAHS, discusses the importance of self-care and shares resources like free mental health services and physician hotlines. ⁠Watch here.

Virtual Meeting Platform

Our platform provides up-to-date virtual education for physicians, serving additionally as an excellent teaching resource for trainees who now have limited face-to-face contact with patients in the Headache Clinic.

Our Virtual Meeting Platform provides healthcare practitioners remote access to presentations, webinars, courses and additional resources. As an AHS member, you’ll get full access to everything the platform has to offer, while non-members will be able to enjoy a variety of helpful tools and resources.

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Managing Migraine During COVID-19

As the world faces the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, our sister organization, the American Migraine Foundation remains dedicated to providing support, education and comfort to those with migraine.

Patient Resources

We hope these resources will help make managing migraine during these difficult times a little easier.

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