Clinical Trial Networks Supporting Headache and Migraine Research

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is funding research in clinical trial networks which will support headache and migraine research. In addition, a preclinical therapeutics screening program will include migraine pain models of screening potential therapeutics.

The Pain-Related Clinical Trial Networks include the following:

  • PRISM – The Pragmatic and Implementation Studies for the Management of Pain (PRISM) program will support studies to integrate interventions that have demonstrated efficacy into health care systems or implement health care system changes to improve adherence to evidence-based pain management guidelines. The program requires that the intervention under study be embedded in the health care delivery system, real-world settings. Learn more about this opportunity here.
  • EPPIC-Net – The Early Phase Pain Investigation Clinical Network (EPPIC-Net) will provide infrastructure for the rapid design and performance of high-quality Phase 2 clinical trials to test promising novel therapeutics for pain. This network supports exploratory clinical trials of investigational drugs and biologics, investigational devices, natural products and surgical procedures for the treatment of pain. Learn more about this network here.
  • SIREN – The Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) runs clinical studies in the prehospital setting and the emergency department, seeking to improve patient outcomes by identifying effective treatments administered in the earliest stages of critical care. Learn more about SIREN here.

The Preclinical Screening Platform for Pain (PSPP) program will study the potential of non-additive treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions. The goal of PSPP is to provide pain researchers from the academic and industry community with an efficient, rigorous one-stop in vivo screening resources to accelerate efficacy profiling and identification of alternatives to opioid analgesics. Learn more about PSPP here.

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