Complementary & Integrative Medicine

2024-2026 Chair: Lauren Natbony, MD, FAHS

Message from Immediate Past Chair Niushen Zhang, MD:

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To raise more awareness about complementary and integrative treatments that can complement mainstream therapies, as well as educate patients on what has evidence, what doesn’t have evidence, and what is safe or unsafe.

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Patient Education Kit for Migraine

What Is It?
The CIM Section’s Patient Education Kit for Migraine is a collection of evidence-based recommendations for lifestyle modifications that can help patients improve their migraine frequency and severity over time. Much of the information is sourced from our members and is based on what they use in their own practices. The final product is a concise collection of helpful recommendations, which includes references of the supporting literature.

How Can It Be Used?
The information can be incorporated into SmartPhrases, in the electronic medical record, which can be shared with patients and/or their referring physicians in visit notes, patient instructions, or other patient handouts.

Lifestyle modification is an integral and evidence-based component of migraine treatment. We encourage you to gradually develop helpful, long-term habits that you will continue to maintain throughout your lifetime. It requires dedication and it is a work in progress.

Additional Links

Behavioral Therapy for Migraine Prevention Continues to Gain Support: Alexandra C. Ross, Amanda E. Wagstaff. Behavioral Therapy for Migraine Prevention Continues to Gain Support – Medscape – Aug 31, 2021.