Honoring a Pioneer of Headache Medicine

AHS interviews master headache clinician Neil H. Raskin

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During the 60th Annual Scientific Meeting, Neil H. Raskin, MD, FAHS, was honored with a dedicated symposium highlighting his long and illustrious career in headache medicine. Following the event, in the first interview of its kind, immediate Past President of the American Headache Society, R. Allan Purdy, MD, FAHS, sat down with Dr. Raskin to ask him a few questions about his career. Dr. Raskin currently teaches and practices neurology at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Purdy is a professor and neurologist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

“Listening to the interview, I am sure you will learn new things you have never heard before and gain insights into what you think you might know about his work and career,” says Dr. Purdy. “Please enjoy this rare chance to hear a master headache clinician hold forth on subjects that are at the core of our field.”

During their inspiring conversation, the veteran headache specialists discussed the evolution of the field as a whole. Even the American Headache Society has seen significant growth, starting as a group of general physicians with an interest in headache, and now boasts neuroscientists, neurologists and other healthcare professionals with more specialized training. In fact, Dr. Raskin served as a past president of the Society from 1994-1996, when it was called the American Association for the Study of Headache. Dr. Raskin described the current Society as “more scientifically grounded” and also reflected on how technological advancements have streamlined the process of research. Reviewing the many types of headache studied by Dr. Raskin, including hypnic, ice-cream and thunderclap, as well as his namesake DHE Raskin Protocol, the interview sheds life on just how far the field has evolved, particularly in recent years.

Dr. Raskin has held a long and distinguished career, receiving multiple awards, including the American Headache Society 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Raskin has also received AHS’s Distinguished Clinician’s Award, UCSF’s Gold-Headed Cane Award and is the author of the clinical textbook Headache. We congratulate Dr. Raskin on his immeasurable contributions to the study and practice of headache medicine. Thank you, Dr. Purdy, for providing the Society with a compelling look behind the curtain at one of the most influential figures in headache medicine.

Members of the American Headache Society have exclusive access to the complete interview. Please click here to view. We hope you enjoy this rare chance to hear a master headache clinician provide insights into the mysteries and management of various headache disorders.

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