January Society Spotlight

Meet an AHS Board Member: Christine Lay, MD, FAHS

Happy 2021 to all the AHS members. With the arrival of the COVID vaccines, we can hope that a better year is ahead for everyone. 

This is my first year on the AHS board, and it is an honor to be representing our community of caring and dedicated individuals who are committed to bettering the lives of people living with migraine and other headache disorders. Since my second year of residency at Mayo Clinic, when I fell in love with headache medicine, I have dedicated my career to headache.

I am a full-time headache neurologist at the University of Toronto where I founded one of Canada’s very few academic centers dedicated to the management of headache disorders. We see more than 1,000 patients every year and we train one to two fellows in headache medicine each year to help increase the availability of well-trained specialists. In addition to my work with AHS, including co-chairing the Scottsdale Headache Symposium, last year I took on the Vice Chair role of the American Migraine Foundation

My passions lie in education, advocacy and the health implications of childhood and young adult adversity. Please reach out with questions or comments.

— Christine Lay, MD, FAHS