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Primary care practitioners are essential to identifying and treating headache disorders. That’s why it is imperative they have access to helpful, accurate and timely information from headache specialists to better care for their patients. The goal of First Contact – Headache in Primary Care, powered by the American Headache Society, is to provide educational resources to empower healthcare professionals and improve headache and migraine care.

Family physicians, internists, OBGYNs, pediatricians, PAs, NPs, and other allied healthcare providers can browse a variety of free resources on diagnosis, treatment and more, all curated by leaders in headache medicine. We encourage providers in all stages of their careers to utilize our programming and educational tools to improve patient care.

5 Reasons You Should Develop Additional Expertise in the Field of Headache Medicine

Headache Topics in Primary Care

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Acute Treatment
Adolescent Patients
Behavioral Treatment
Diagnosing Migraine
Discussing Treatment Access
Discussing Work Up
Identifying a Headache Provider
Lifestyle Changes
Medication Overuse
Migraine with Aura
Migraine in the Elderly
Pediatric Migraine
Preventive Treatment
Side Effects
Vestibular Migraine

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