Fellowship Award

2018 Clinical Research Fellowship Award

The American Headache Society announces the availability of two 2018 Clinical Research Fellowship Awards.

This is a $50,000 fellowship to support the recipient during a 12-month period. The funds are for the recipient’s stipend and no indirect costs or overhead allowance may be charged.

Criteria for fellowships will be based on the quality of clinical practice-based experience and the applicant’s potential to contribute to headache medicine. Applicants must have a commitment for a position at a recognized headache facility that is affiliated with an accredited university hospital in the United States. The fellowship must be conducted under the guidelines of the Headache Medicine specialty as designated by the UCNS. Applicants must be licensed to practice medicine or be eligible for licensing in the United States, and must reside in the United States. Awardee must submit a six-month progress report and a final report at the end of the fellowship. Previous recipients are eligible to reapply. Institutional supplementation is encouraged. Awardee will be invited to and recognized at the 61st Annual Scientific Meeting.

*This award is supported by an unrestricted grant from Amgen.

Past Fellowship Award Winners


Rebecca Burch, MD (John R. Graham Headache Center)
Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH (John R. Graham Headache Center)


Hope O'Brien, MD (Headache Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
Sarah Vollbracht, MD (Montefiore Headache Center)


Hope O'Brien, MD (Headache Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
Alyssa Lettich, MD (Montefiore Headache Center)


Jessica Ailani, MD (Jefferson Headache Center)
Heidi Blume, MD, MPH (University of Washington Medical Center Headache Clinic)


Juline Bryson, MD (Montefiore Headache Center)
Brad Klein, MD, MBA (Jefferson Headache Center)
Michael Marmura, MD (Jefferson Headache Center)


Sait Ashina, MD (Montefiore Headache Center)
Kevin C. Brennan, Jr, MD (UCLA Department of Neurology)
Stephanie Nahas-Geiger, MD (Jefferson Headache Center)


Abraham Jim Nagy, MD (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery)
Christina Sun, MD (The Headache Center - St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center)


Brian Grosberg, MD (Montefiore Headache Center)
Madhavi Gupta, MD (Jefferson Headache Center)


Jonathan Gladstone, MD (Mayo Clinic Scottsdale)
Noah Rosen, MD (Jefferson Headache Center)


Joey R. Gee, DO (University of California David Medical Center)
Amy Goldstein, MD (Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh)


Marielle Kabbouche, MD (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
Dongmei Liu, MD (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital)


Charles Hua-Chiang Siow, MD (Medical College of Virginia)
Marc Lenaerts, MD (University of Oklahoma)


Paula Mendes, BMsc (Thomas Jefferson University)
Margarita Sanchez del Rio, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)